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4 Effective Ways to Overcome a Mental Block When Studying for Exams


Your books are open, and you’re sitting at your desk, ready to study. However, as soon as you start reading, you experience a mental block, and you can’t get anywhere with this study session.

If this happens only once, it can already be annoying. But if you keep running into this issue, it can be frustrating, as you’ll barely make any progress, and you’ll likely fail your exams.

Fortunately, there are some things you can try to overcome mental blocks. Read on for four effective ways you can say goodbye to studying problems.

1. Change Your Environment

Many people don’t realize this, but your studying environment plays an important role in how you study. While your bedroom might’ve previously been ideal, studying in the same location can become monotonous.

Sometimes, all you need to do is switch things up! Try packing up everything and going to a quiet coffee shop, library, or park where you can study with minimal distractions. This can help stimulate your brain and enhance your focus.

If studying outside of the home doesn’t work for you, then rearrange your study area. This can also create a fresh and inspiring atmosphere.

2. Take Regular Breaks

Focusing on one activity intensely for long periods can wear out your brain. Not only will you feel fatigued, but you’ll have decreased concentration too.

It’s beneficial to break up your study time into smaller, more manageable chunks. Take short breaks in between to relax, do some light exercise, or engage in activities that refresh your mind.

When you return each time from your breaks, you’ll find that your brain can absorb and process information more effectively!

3. Get Enough Sleep

You might think that pulling all-nighters is the best way to make use of your time. But this can actually backfire, as sleep deprivation will make it harder for you to absorb and recall new information.

Be kind to yourself and make sure you get eight hours of sleep every night. Not only will you have more energy, but this will also improve your memory and decrease the chances of getting a mental block.

4. Eat a Good Diet

Obviously, your memory and recall abilities are closely linked to your brain health. And your brain health is affected by the things you put in your body.

To boost your brain power, try to eat more green, leafy vegetables, fatty fish, berries, and walnuts. In addition, you can take brain vitamins to further improve your brain health.

Overcome Any Mental Block

A mental block can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to study and ace a test. However, with some lifestyle changes, it’s possible to eliminate these hurdles.

In general, you should live a healthy lifestyle and also change your environment when you hit a memory block. You’d be surprised at how easy it’ll be to study once you do these things!

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