Others4 Strategies for Creating an Inviting Office Lobby

4 Strategies for Creating an Inviting Office Lobby


A welcoming office space and clean lobby area set the tone for your company’s best workers and customers.

While a lot of effort is put into the inside of a modern office building, often little thought is given to the design of the outside and the public areas.

Whether you’re an office manager or an architect seeking inspiration, you’ll need to check out our article for some ideas on how to design an amazing office lobby.

1. Choose Smart and Inviting Furniture

Seating that is high-quality and comfy is important for a lobby, and you should choose it carefully. Sofas, chairs, and bench sitting can all help make your office feel friendly and open.

Unique pieces that add color and personality to your room can also help it stand out and get people talking. Lastly, make sure you have a lot of table space so that guests can sit down and talk, as well as put things like magazines and brochures on them.

2. Setting the Mood with Lighting and Music

Think about where to put soft light sources for the best effect in the room. Wall sconces and downlights can draw attention to artwork and building features and make a room feel warm and welcoming.

If you can, add some natural light from the outside through big windows or skylights. Music can help make a nice atmosphere that makes people want to buy something.

Choose soothing music that isn’t too loud or distracting. Instrumental or orchestral strings can be very peaceful. For a business lobby, try looped easy listening to songs that you can find on streaming services.

3. Investing in Technology to Impress Your Guests

Investing in technology to impress your guests in the office lobby can be a great way to encourage satisfaction among your clients or customers. Setting up a multiple monitor area with up-to-date software, a virtual assistant, or offering reliable and efficient Wi-Fi can help create a positive impression upon entrance to your office.

Utilizing technology such as cutting-edge customer check-in kiosks can help with entry procedures for visitors. You can learn more about visitor management software found here to get your office lobby ready for the new world. 

4. Add Greenery to Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

Adding greenery to your reception area is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to create a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to making the space more aesthetically pleasing, plants help to reduce noise levels, improve air quality, and can add a natural fragrance.

Choose a variety of plants that can fit the size of your space and be sure to match the colors of their containers and foliage with your existing decor. Strategically place some of these plants around the reception desk, seating areas, and waiting area so that your guests have something to look at and enjoy while they wait.

Level Up Your Office Lobby Today

Creating a welcoming office lobby should be a priority as it is the first impression and sets the tone for all interactions. By following the strategies of utilizing comfortable seating, access to technology and amenities, as well as art, plants, and music, you can make your office lobby inviting and engaging.

Don’t waste another minute – invest in making your office lobby a place for collaboration and connection.

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