Others5 Effective Tips for Renovating a Kitchen

5 Effective Tips for Renovating a Kitchen


The average price of renovating a kitchen is around $40,000 in the United States. It could even end up being more! 

That can seem like a lot, which is why you need to carefully plan out what renovations you want to make to completely refresh your kitchen. 

If you’re interested in learning some kitchen ideas you can use that won’t break the bank, keep reading! 

1. Refresh Your Cabinets

The first thing you want to do is refresh your kitchen cabinets. Tearing them out can be more expensive than just giving them a refresh, so you’ll want to weigh different options.

However, sometimes it’s better to completely update them. For example, if you have wood cabinets, you might want to consider acrylic. You can learn more about acrylic cabinets here. 

2. Update Lighting

Lighting is essential in the kitchen, so consider adding some statement light fixtures. A bold chandelier is the perfect, trendy light fixture to add some class to your space. 

You may also want to use modern bulbs to give it some extra flair. You could also install hidden lighting underneath your cabinets. This is one trend that’s become popular over the last few years. 

3. Incorporate Technology

There are so many new smart appliances and technology today that can elevate your kitchen. For example, installing a smart trash can or smart faucet in your kitchen can make it feel more modern.

You can also include other appliances that make cooking easy and an efficient process, like an Alexa or a smart home console. There are also smart ovens and fridges, but they are a more expensive option.

4. Change the Kitchen Layout

If you have the budget, changing the kitchen layout can be a great remodeling tactic, but it’s also going to be one of the most expensive options. 

You might want to create a more open kitchen by knocking down some walls and rearranging things. However, privacy walls to create a more enclosed kitchen is actually a trend that’s been coming back. 

If you’re going to be changing the kitchen layout and knocking down or adding walls, talk with a contractor to ensure that you’re not removing a structural wall.

5. Paint a New Color

You can also have a beautiful kitchen simply by painting it a new color. Neutrals are still one of the trendier colors. People are choosing all-white kitchens with soft beige or accent colors. 

However, there’s plenty of room to play with bright colors and make the kitchen unique to you. 

Another popular trend is using deep or moody colors. For example, you can choose a black kitchen with brass faucets, accessories, and drawer handles for an extra pop of color. 

Discover More About Renovating a Kitchen

These are only a few tips on renovating a kitchen, but you may want to call a contractor and ask for their opinion as well.

We know that doing any home renovation project can be very stressful and overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help.

Check out some of our other articles to start your next home renovation project! 


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