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6 Tips for Choosing Diesel Delivery in Tampa Bay, FL


In 2022, the U.S. consumed 4.1 million barrels/day (b/d) of distillate fuel oil, including diesel. That’s up from the previous year’s 4 million b/d consumption! And while experts project its use to dip this 2023, many vehicles, such as trucks, will continue to rely on it.

Truckers and non-highway equipment users rely heavily on diesel due to its torque. It delivers more energy per volume than petrol, letting it move heavier loads.

However, unlike petrol, you can’t always find diesel at standard filling stations.

Fortunately, diesel delivery is available, bringing fuel to your door. So if you ever find yourself looking at an empty diesel tank in Tampa Bay, Florida, you can rely on these services.

But with dozens of companies offering deliveries, how do you choose the right one?

This guide explains what to look for and consider, so read on.

1. Types of Fuel Offered

There are two primary types of diesel fuel: on-road and off-road.

On-road diesel is for vehicles driven on roads. This is the kind of clear diesel you can purchase (at a more expensive price) at some filling stations. All diesel-running motor vehicles operated on U.S. roads must use this specific fuel.

Off-road or dyed diesel, which the government doesn’t impose tax on, is for equipment not driven on U.S. roads. These include tractors, generators, excavators, and other standard heavy equipment. Some commercial or industrial heating systems can also use dyed diesel.

Since only specific equipment can use off-road diesel, it’s not as widely used as the on-road type. This is also why not all Tampa diesel delivery services carry it.

Another thing to note is that using off-road diesel in vehicles is against the law. Even if you made the mistake of ordering dyed diesel, you must not use it on a truck that requires on-road diesel.

Avoid those errors by confirming which diesel type you need before placing an order. If it’s off-road, ensure you’re ordering from a diesel delivery service that offers it. You can technically use on-road diesel for off-road equipment, but it’s a waste of money.

If you need both types, don’t worry; some Tampa suppliers carry both. The page on diesel delivery services linked here provides more information. 

2. Equipment Catered To

On-road diesel comes in two primary types: Diesel #1 and Diesel #2. The type you need primarily depends on the equipment that requires the fuel.

Diesel #1 is for vehicles used for regular driving, such as pickup trucks. Diesel #2 is for vehicles that carry heavy loads, such as trucks and reefers.

If you need off-road diesel, you must still pick a delivery service catering to your equipment. That’s because your equipment will influence how the company will deliver the fuel.

An example is if you want the diesel straight into a small truck’s fuel tank. If so, the delivery company may have to use wet hosing equipment. They don’t have to if the equipment you need the fuel for is a bulk tank.

So when choosing diesel delivery services, confirm they cater to your specific equipment. 

3. Availability of Wet Hosing

Wet hosing is a method wherein a fuel company delivers fuel straight to a vehicle’s fuel tank. Another name for this is “direct-to-equipment delivery.”

Working with a diesel delivery company offering wet hosing can help reduce costs. First, it minimizes the need for employees to drive to fuel stations and consume more fuel. This also puts less wear and tear on your fleet, which helps them last longer and need fewer repairs.

Relying less on fuel stations can also help you save, as they often charge higher prices. By contrast, reliable diesel delivery services in Tampa charge wholesale-based prices.

Reducing fuel runs may also lower fleet security risks. This is a huge perk, considering Florida’s vehicle theft rate is the seventh-highest in the U.S. 

4. 24/7 Diesel Delivery

Running out of fuel raises security risks while reducing fleet productivity. For instance, criminals can target trucks stopped in the middle of the road due to empty tanks. Even if your fleet is somewhere safe, fuel loss still means your people can’t drive and do their jobs.

While those issues are often preventable, they can still happen due to emergencies. This is why you should choose a diesel delivery service that operates 24/7 throughout Tampa. This way, you can rely on their help no matter the time of day. 

5. Contract Requirements

Some diesel delivery companies have a contract specifying a client’s minimum required order. For example, it may say you must order at least 30,000 gallons monthly for one year. Even if you end up not using all that fuel, you’d still pay the agreed-on price for 30,000 gallons.

Contracts can sometimes be beneficial, such as countering potential price hikes. However, this may not make sense this 2023, with the expected dip in on-road diesel prices. Experts also forecast diesel to cost even less in 2024 (from 2023’s average of $4.23/gal to $3.70/gal).

If you don’t want to get into a binding contract, you don’t have to, as other delivery services don’t require such. You can order as little as 500 gallons or as much as you want and pay only for what you need. 

6. Free and Non-Obligatory Price Quotes

If you haven’t yet, search for a diesel delivery company using the above factors. Once you narrow your search to three prospects, ask each for a price quote.

Reliable delivery services offer prompt, no-cost, and non-obligatory quotes. The last one means you don’t have to order from them just because they quoted you.

How soon they respond can indicate how efficient their delivery services are. If they claim they’re open 24/7, they should have an agent ready to give you a quote at whatever time of the day you ask for it.

Once you have three quotes, compare them. Choose the one with competitive prices, a good record, and excellent customer service.

Team Up With a Reliable Delivery Service

While diesel’s price is set to decrease this year, it remains expensive and pricier than gas. That’s enough reason to choose a diesel delivery service you can rely on for wholesale rates. This is even more important in Tampa Bay, where inflation isn’t slowing as fast as in other areas.

So, don’t be hasty when choosing a diesel fuel delivery service. Instead, follow our tips for finding one you can count on 24/7.

Ready for more trucking-related guides? Then check out our guide on becoming a dump truck driver!


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