Digital MarketingA Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Video Marketing

A Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Video Marketing


Most home buyers consult the internet to get more information about a home before buying.

While tools like location and square footage are important, buyers spend a lot of time getting to know the homes the virtual way too. As a real estate agent, you need to make sure you have a strong marketing plan, with real estate video marketing as one of the cornerstones.

Yet, a lot of people don’t take the time to get familiar with video marketing, too, making it extra important to do so.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about this type of marketing as a real estate agent!

Video Blogs

Real estate video marketing video blogs are a great way to create visual content for the real estate industry. Video blogs are being used more and more in the real estate industry to market properties to potential buyers.

Real estate video blogs can contain footage from historic homes, stunning views, or luxurious features of a property. This creates an emotional connection with the viewer. By creating engaging video blogs, real estate professionals can generate invaluable leads. This builds a relationship with prospects in the area.

Video blogs can also act as sharing successes or highlighting properties that have been sold. This allows real estate professionals to showcase properties in an engaging and exciting way. This leads to increased online presence and higher sales figures.

Screen Capture Video

Screen Capture Video is a great way to show renters or buyers what to expect when they tour a property. By using a recording device such as a smartphone or tablet, real estate agents can take a tour of a property. They can also edit the video to highlight key features and amenities.

This type of video can be used with text and music to set the tone and create a memorable branded experience for each viewer. These videos allow for an accurate representation of the property and help to engage potential customers in a more personal way.

Viewers can get a true sense of the property and its features. This happens much sooner in the decision-making process. Thus increasing the chances of them booking a viewing.

Property Tours

Property tours offer potential buyers an exclusive glimpse into the homes they are interested in. This is before they step foot inside. Property tours provide a detailed overview of the home. This also provides an overview of the surrounding area and the features and amenities that make the home unique. 

It can be used for both promotional marketing and for more technical applications. This includes code compliance checks and asset management tasks. Video property tours can be produced with basic equipment and minimal editing skills. It can easily be shared via social media.

Property tour videos provide an easy yet impactful way to get your listings noticed. This helps to capture the attention of potential buyers. They can be used to virtually show off a property and accurately depict the features and location of each property they feature. 


Testimonials from past customers provide an honest and unbiased review of a property and can speak volumes to a potential buyer. A potential buyer’s willingness to purchase a property is often driven by the customer’s experience.

Video testimonials provide potential buyers with a real-time look at a property. It also shows its features from a customer’s perspective. This makes it easier for a buyer to have confidence in their decision. They are also an excellent way for potential buyers to get a sense of the people behind the property. It includes the listing agent or general contractor.

Video testimonials help customers make connections with the people involved in the sale of the property. It also serves as a testament to the commitment to excellence that may be present in a real estate purchase.

About Me Video

About Me Videos are a great way to attract potential customers and partners to your real estate business. They give viewers an inside look at who you are, your real estate strategy, process, and values.

They are an effective way to demonstrate the focus, attitude, and abilities of your real estate and creative skills. This exposes your audience to more meaningful information about your business and services.

With these videos, you can easily share your experience, qualifications, awards, and industry confidence with potential customers and partners. The narrative of an About Me Video draws audiences in by getting more personal.

Community and Neighborhood Videos

Community and Neighborhood Videos are an essential part of showcasing a community or neighborhood to potential buyers. Video marketing transcends property boundaries, showing buyers what the area has to offer, from front yards to nearby parks, schools, and shopping opportunities.

It is also the most immersive way to display a property, giving buyers a more detailed view that isn’t available through basic listing photos. Professionally created neighborhood videos capture the uniqueness and spirit of the location and help to separate it from a sea of competitors.

With neighborhood videos, you can reach potential buyers on social media, your website, and through email blasts – a powerful tool that can increase sales.

Video Email

Video Email is a great way to reach potential home buyers with your professional video presence. Whether you are marketing or listing a new property, you can create effective videos to market your real estate business and share them via email.

Video email is an excellent way to grab the attention of potential home buyers and allows you to convey your real estate service in a comprehensive and engaging format. Real estate video emails should be concise and highlight features that are of relevance to potential buyers.

Additionally, you should consider including incentives and offers that encourage the individual to take action. Working with professional video editing services for realators is a great way to ensure high-quality video content with beautiful visuals and clear audio.

Try Real Estate Video Marketing!

Real estate video marketing is a great way to stand out from the competition and increase sales. With the right strategy and video content, marketing teams can create effective and memorable videos that will have an impact on their target audience.

To get started, companies should consider hiring a professional video marketing team to get the best results.

Did you find this article helpful? Check out the rest of our blog for more!


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