OthersA Guide to the Different Types of Crickets

A Guide to the Different Types of Crickets


While most of us may cringe at the thought of them, over 2,400 species of crickets live around the world!

Crickets are unfortunately often a nuisance in our homes and gardens, chirping away all night. However, if you’ve got the right resources, you can get rid of them, especially if you’re dealing with cricket infestation!

Check out our guide to the different types of crickets and find out how to get rid of them if necessary.

House Cricket

Crickets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it difficult to determine which type of cricket is best suited for any given situation. One of the most popular types of crickets is the house cricket.

They live in all types of habitats, from dry to humid, and they feed on all kinds of decaying organic matter. They are especially attracted to grains and sweets, and they can be found in damp basements, cracks in walls, or around lights at night. They often produce a loud chirping noise.

House crickets are considered beneficial since they can help to control other pests in your home. They are relatively harmless to humans, but they can become a nuisance if they find their way inside your house. So getting rid of crickets may be essential if this happens. 

Field Cricket

A field cricket is a type of cricket that is typically found outdoors. The most common color is black, but variations of brown and yellow can also be seen. They typically live in fields or other open grassy areas.

These types of crickets prefer to feed on plant material, tree leaves, and small insects that come in contact with them. They are very active at night and can often be heard chirping away.

Field crickets have also been used as a food source, especially in Asian countries, for centuries. Generally, Field Crickets are considered a beneficial insect, helping to control populations of other unwanted pests.

Camel Cricket

Camel crickets are an interesting type of cricket. They are found in damp, dark areas and have long, curved legs that resemble a humpbacked camel. These crickets are also known to jump incredibly high and make an interesting chirping sound if they are disturbed.

Unlike other crickets, they have a humpbacked shape and lack wings. Camel crickets are usually found around basements, cellars, and garages, as well as anywhere that has moist conditions and a food source. They generally like damp, dark areas and are known for their jumping ability.

Tree Cricket

Tree crickets, also known as chirping crickets, belong to the family of field, field house, or house crickets and usually display great variation in size and color. They are found worldwide in well-vegetated areas and are active during the daytime, typically hiding under logs and tree bark.

Tree crickets tend to have very long antennae, and spiny wings, and to be smaller in comparison with other species, typically growing between 6 and 25 millimeters in length with a slightly curved thorax. The average life span of a tree cricket is between 30 and 60 days. These crickets are well known for their loud squeaking sound which they produce by rubbing the edge of one wing against the other.

Learn to Differentiate Types of Crickets

Crickets can certainly take a toll on your property and quality of life. Learning to differentiate types of crickets, understand the damage they cause, and set the right strategies for prevention and control can help best manage pests. Tackle these pests quickly and easily – get started today!

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