BusinessAn Introduction to Large Format Printing

An Introduction to Large Format Printing


Large-format printing enables brands to create eye-catching marketing materials like banners, posters, trade show displays, and vehicle wraps. It utilizes high-resolution output to maintain quality when printed at larger sizes.

Various materials can be used for large-format printing, including vinyl, canvas, other textiles, aluminum, foam-centered material, and more. Choosing the suitable substrate for your project depends on your marketing goals and budget.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are one of the most popular types of large-format printing, and they are incredibly versatile. Whether they are used to advertise a special sale, an upcoming event, or a new product line, they can grab the attention of passersby in seconds. The key to successful banners is to showcase the message clearly and make it easy for the viewer to connect.

The great thing about vinyl banners is that they are a one-time investment with no hidden or recurring costs. They are also reusable to be brought out annually for events and trade shows.

In addition to being affordable, vinyl banners are environmentally friendly. They are printed with latex inks, which are based on water rather than chemicals like solvents. This means they are non-toxic, odorless, and produce zero volatile organic compounds. Additionally, they are water-resistant and can withstand different weather conditions, including snow and rain. This makes them an excellent option for businesses that want to be eco-friendly.


Posters are the perfect marketing tool for conveying messages or information about events in a clear, impactful way. These prints offer ample space for vivid colors, unique graphics, and witty copy to draw your audience in.

They are ideal for promoting your company’s message in highly trafficked areas and are often displayed on billboards or retail locations to maximize exposure. However, they can be printed on a wide variety of materials and sizes to suit many different applications.

When designing your poster, remember that most posters are read from a distance, so it is important to use open spaces to allow the content to be easily ingested. You should also ensure that all text is large enough to be readable, as posters with close characters can appear to bleed into one another when viewed from a distance. When choosing a large format printing Denver provider, consider their experience and look for certifications that demonstrate their expertise in the industry.

Trade Show Displays

Large-format printing can also be used to dress up trade show booths and exhibition spaces with large posters, banners, and other graphics that catch the eye of prospective clients. These materials can help brand a company and create an impactful visual impression quickly.

Portable trade show exhibits feature modular components like aluminum extrusions, fabric graphics, and accessory pieces to build a display customized to your company’s unique needs. These modular displays are great for exhibitors who attend multiple shows and want a quick and easy way to assemble a display. They are available in various sizes and can be reconfigured to fit a different booth space. These items are also made from light but firm materials, making them easy to transport and store.

Vehicle Wraps

A vehicle wrap is a modern form of advertising that will allow your business to reach new audiences while driving or parking. Unlike a subway car or billboard in the same place every day, your wrapped vehicle will see new people each time it goes to the grocery store. This repeat exposure will result in new leads and sales for your business.

A wrap is a vinyl material that will adhere to the exterior of your vehicle, protecting it from scratches and nicks. The wrap can be designed to look like a solid color or to feature a custom-designed graphic. Many business owners feel they recoup the cost of their wraps through the increased exposure that they receive.

The human eye is naturally drawn to anything different or striking. A wrap will catch the attention of passersby and compel them to look for more information about your business or services.


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