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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Bath and Body Care Routine


Your bathroom isn’t just a place to wash away the day; it can also be a breeding ground for germs. With that in mind, here are some common mistakes to avoid when showering.

Using expired products can damage the skin and cause rashes and premature aging, among other issues. Toss out any skincare items that have gone bad.

Using the Wrong Products

Even if you have the best skin care products using the Adam & Eve promo code in your bathroom, you could do more harm than good by not using them correctly. The wrong soaps, shower gels, body washes, and other products can damage your natural skin barrier by killing the acid mantle that protects your skin from toxins, bacteria, germs, and other environmental stimuli. Old, expired cosmetics and body care products can also cause problems such as dry skin, rashes, and other irritations. Choose bath and body products appropriate for your skin type, such as those for oily or sensitive skin, to ensure they do the best possible.

Taking Too Long in the Shower or Bath

Whether you’re a quick shower-taker or like to soak in the tub until your fingers get pruney, you should know how long you spend in the bathroom and how it could affect your skin. Showering too much can dry your skin and cause itching while bathing too often can lead to dandruff and a build-up of “bad” bacteria.

Dr. Zeichner says that if you have oily skin, sweat a lot no matter the season, or work in a not-so-sterile environment, you may shower several times daily to keep your skin clean. But even then, it’s best to shower with lukewarm water and moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower.

Use less body wash and skip baths if possible. Using too much body wash can make your skin feel over-saturated and irritated, especially if it’s the type that foams, while a bath can cause dryness, a feeling of tightness, and flaking.

And after you’re done with your shower or bath, be sure to pat yourself dry rather than rub—it’s gentler on the skin. Then, put on a fragrance-free moisturizing cream or lotion right away. The moisturizer will be able to restore some of your natural oils while it’s still soaking in and before your skin starts to lose moisture.

Using Too Hot Water

Hot showers feel great, but they deplete natural oils from your skin and strip the moisture barrier. This can result in dry, itchy skin and worsen inflammatory conditions like eczema or rosacea. Hot water also damages your hair by drying out the protective keratin layer.

It’s best to take shorter, lukewarm showers, especially in winter, to avoid over-drying. Try to shower more frequently as well, depending on your skin type. Washing a few times daily can benefit oily skin, while dry and sensitive skin may require more frequent cleansing.

A bath can be a relaxing and skin-friendly alternative to a shower, but too much time in the tub can be damaging. Soak for no more than ten to fifteen minutes, and be sure to rinse the soapy residue from your skin and scalp before getting out. You can also use body butter or hydrating lotion after your shower to seal the moisture in and prevent the loss of more natural oils from your skin.

Switching to warm or cool water for the final rinse of your hair and skin is a good idea. This helps lower your energy bill and prevents your skin from drying out. If you still prefer a long shower, use gentle cleansers and moisturizing products appropriate for your skin type.

Using the Wrong Shampoo or Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner are two primary hair care products that everyone with locks (and even a few people who shave their heads) has in their shower. But knowing how to use these essential items is important, as they can harm your hair if misused.

One of the biggest things many people need to correct is using body wash instead of shampoo. The body wash is usually designed to eliminate excess oil and dirt from the skin on the arms and legs, but it’s not the same as shampoo, which is specially formulated for the hair and scalp. Using body wash instead of shampoo can strip the hair and scalp of natural oils, leaving it dry and flaky.

Also, body wash contains sulfates that offer a bubbly lather but can be harsh on the skin and scalp. Once rinsed off, these sulfates flow down the drain and into sewage systems that eventually find their way to local rivers and oceans, where they can cause damage to fragile ecosystems.

In addition, many body washes also include synthetic colors derived from petroleum and coal tar, which can cause various health problems. It’s best to avoid them and any products containing formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen.


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