TechnologyCybersecurity Matters: Protecting Your Business with IT Services

Cybersecurity Matters: Protecting Your Business with IT Services


Cyberattacks can impact businesses of all sizes, from small mom-and-pop shops to large enterprises. They can result in data breaches, financial losses and reputational damage. Business leaders must make cybersecurity a priority to mitigate these threats. A comprehensive IT security services strategy includes backup and recovery, firewalls, antivirus software, and multi-factor authentication.

Protecting Your Network

With so much of the business world now online, it’s important to protect the network that runs your operations. IT services include firewalls, data backups and other tools that keep cybercriminals out and your information safe.

A strong cybersecurity posture can thwart attacks that seek to access, alter, delete, or extort a company’s systems, networks, hardware, software, and data. It’s also important to protect critical infrastructure by preventing attacks that could damage or turn off a network that supports the economy, public safety and national security.

A good IT team like those at Elevate Services Group can help your company implement best practices to secure information and limit the risk of a breach. According to Forbes, this includes creating a security awareness program that encourages employees to recognize and respond to threats. It’s also vital to back up critical information remotely so you can recover it in a ransomware attack without paying a cybercriminal’s demand. This may include encrypting data sent over the internet and backing up information on computers, servers and portable storage devices employees take home.

Protecting Your Data

Safeguarding the confidentiality of data is one of the most fundamental reasons to implement a cyber defense program. This includes ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands for financial gain or other nefarious purposes. For example, a law firm’s client database contains confidential details about their business or the private records of medical patients.

IT services can include implementing firewalls to protect against hacker attacks and backing up data regularly to be restored during an attack or natural disaster. Educating employees on best practices, like not opening suspicious email attachments or plugging in an unfamiliar USB drive, can also minimize the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

Despite IT professionals’ best efforts, human error remains the most common cause of security breaches. According to a survey, 88 percent of breaches are caused by employees’ actions, whether clicking on an unsolicited link, leaving a computer unattended or sending confidential information through an unsecured channel.

Protecting Your Employees

It is critical to keep employees aware of cyber threats and how to protect themselves and their devices and systems. This ensures they’re practicing safe habits and reducing their vulnerability to attacks.

It also helps them understand how important it is to follow corporate policies. This includes not downloading unknown software and ensuring laptops and cellphones are reset before being disposed of.

Whether it’s an employee error or cybercriminals, a data breach is detrimental to any business. A dedicated IT team can help address short-term vulnerabilities and create a long-term strategy for business success.

It can be easier to meet regulatory and compliance standards with strong cybersecurity measures. Investing in IT services can help your business maintain customer trust and reduce the risk of costly fines and penalties. An IT services provider can assist you in establishing redundancies and backups for data and provide third-party risk management to identify and monitor potential risks.

Protecting Your Customers

Whether your business provides products and services online or in person, customers will feel safe doing business with you if you have good cyber security. This demonstrates you care about your customers, increasing loyalty and building long-term relationships. Ensure your business is protected from threats by having an IT team regularly assess and reduce vulnerabilities. This can include everything from a knowledgeable employee running off-the-shelf software to a certified professional conducting a full-scale security audit.

This should focus on protecting endpoint devices, like computers, smart devices, networks, and the cloud. It should also cover authentication systems, verifying that users are who they are. This can be done by using passwords, fingerprint access or other systems. It should also involve regularly updating all apps and software to take advantage of security patches when released. This reduces the time attackers have to find and exploit any known vulnerabilities.


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