TechnologyDoes Walmart Do Photo Scanning?

Does Walmart Do Photo Scanning?


Walmart offers photo scanning services, with the option of adding photo editing. Walmart photo centers can scan photos and negatives into digital images, preserving and protecting your priceless memories before they’re lost forever, in addition to printing and framing services to help you turn your images into beautiful keepsakes or gifts that others will cherish. In addition to preserving memories through scanning and printing services, Walmart also allows customers to develop their own prints, CDs, DVDs and photo books at some locations as well as print photos on products like mugs, calendars and canvases.

What is Walmart?

Walmart is a multinational chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, the company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. It opened its first store in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962.

Walmart offers a variety of merchandise including products such as groceries, clothing, electronics and music that are sold at low prices. The company has over 11,500 stores across 27 countries under 55 different names. Walmart also operates eCommerce websites as well as digital services like Walmart Grocery and Walmart Pay. As one of the world’s largest employers and wealthiest corporations, it has been criticized by labor unions, public interest groups, politicians and intellectuals because they believe Walmart’s low prices reflect poor working conditions.

Can I get photos scanned at Walmart?

Walmart doesn’t offer a service to scan photos, but you may be able to find a local place that does. For example, some drugstores and department stores offer this service at their customer service desks. If you don’t want to travel, there are online services that will scan your photos and send them back. Many of these services are available at the click of a button on your mobile device. You can also ask family or friends if they’ll give you some time in their home office scanner! If all else fails, take your negatives or prints to a photo lab for professional archival quality scanning. The best bet is a professional film developer (see list below) who offers negative scanning as an option when printing. Not only will you have pristine digital copies, but the expert technicians can evaluate your negatives before developing them – it’s possible they’ll notice damage or stains that might affect how they’re developed so it’s worth checking out. In fact, because of their expertise, professional labs often develop negatives better than amateur labs. If you live near one of these photo labs please give them a call and see what options they offer. It never hurts to ask!

How much is it to process photos at Walmart?

I went to Walmart and I had a question. Does Walmart process photos? And is it expensive? The answer is no and no, respectively. It costs $1 for 4x6s, $2 for 5x7s, and up to $4 for 8x10s. They will also put them on a CD or DVD with the print order if you want that option instead of just regular prints. So next time you need to get your photos printed, don’t forget to stop by Walmart! 

Each Wal-Mart has different prices because they each have their own processing center, but these prices are pretty much industry standard for anywhere else. Plus it’s way cheaper than what Costco charges (about twice as much)!

Walmart Photo – Third Paragraph: Another advantage at Walmart is that they have other services like passport photos and driver license photos in certain stores, so now you can go there not only to get your pictures printed but also take care of all those other things as well! Just be sure to bring everything with you because not all locations offer all services. No appointment necessary though since they’re always super busy because everyone knows where to go for affordable printing! How To Get Your Pictures Printed Quickly At Walmart

 These days most people would rather shop online than actually go into a store to buy anything. However, when it comes to getting our digital photos printed, going into one of our local retailers like Walmart is still our best bet because they have such low prices on prints. 

The selection at most retailers is terrible compared to what we see online, which means we have fewer options for design or paper types when we shop in person.

How much does it cost to digitize photos at Walmart?

Digitizing photos at Walmart is a simple process that can be done in-store or online. For the in-store option, you’ll need to find your local store’s customer service desk and they’ll help you get set up. If you want to digitize your photos online, head over to Walmart’s website and choose the best plan for your needs – this will depend on how many pictures you want scanned and how high quality they are. Once you’ve chosen a plan, upload your photos by following the instructions provided on the website. You can also scan prints or negatives using an in-store kiosk if that’s what you prefer! What kind of scanner does Walmart use?: There are a few different scanners available, depending on which one is most convenient for you. Scanning your film can be done with any of these: light table, UV flatbed scanner or film scanner. 

Can I print my scans?: Printing scans from Wal-Mart comes with no additional charge when you order them as prints but there may be shipping fees involved. 

What should I do before bringing in my film? Bring along any personal information about who the images belong to (i.e., their name) as well as any notes about the history of the photos so we have all of the information we might need to make sure we save them properly during scanning (This includes film type and manufacturer).


Walmart does not offer a service to scan photographs. You can, however, upload the pictures to Walmart’s website and order prints online. If you would like to know more about Walmart’s printing services, please visit their site. So this blog post was basically saying that Walmart does not offer a service to scan photographs but they have a process for uploading photos from your camera or phone onto their website and then ordering prints on the internet. 

I hope that has been helpful for anyone looking for this type of information because I really wanted some clarity! It is so hard to find all the details on one company’s policies.


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