OthersFive Indications Your Hardwood Floors Need to Be Refinished

Five Indications Your Hardwood Floors Need to Be Refinished


Hardwood floors add a natural beauty to any home. But that beauty only lasts if your wood floors get the attention they need.

Scratches and dents are unavoidable. If your hardwoods have many scratches and have worn through the stain, it’s time to refinish them.

Water damage is another cause for refinishing your hardwoods. Damp areas attract and house mold spores, which excrete toxins that can affect your health.

Water Damage

Hardwood floors add warmth and visual appeal to your home but can also be damaged by excessive moisture. This can lead to the warping and buckling of individual boards, requiring immediate attention.

Water damage often indicates that it’s time to refinish your hardwood floors. The moisture can cause the wood to absorb minerals and salts, which leads to discoloration. This can be noticeable through dark marks or broader stains on multiple planks.

If left unchecked, this discoloration can turn into black stains. In addition to looking bad, these stains can create a health hazard for your family and pets. Refinishing your floors by hiring SOEN Hardwood will remove splinter hazards, odors, and soft spots and make them safe for everyone to walk on again.


Standard wear and tear, dragging heavy furniture, or aggressively clawed pets can leave your hardwood floors with surface-level scratches. While a few of these are expected, any scratch that cuts into the wood must be addressed.

Deep gashes and gouges can allow water to seep into divots and cause severe damage or even lead to splintering. This damage is best handled by sanding and refinishing the whole floor to ensure an even and smooth finish.

If you notice gray stains or dark discoloration on your hardwood, this is another sign that it’s time to refinish. Once this happens, the stain can no longer protect the wood, and you could face expensive repairs or replacement.


Hardwood floors are beautiful, and they can add a great deal of value to your home. However, they may exhibit wear and tear over time that needs to be fixed. If your hardwood floors are starting to look worn, it’s time to consider refinishing them.

Wood floors can’t avoid some scratches and dents. However, if they start to appear over a large area of the floor, it’s likely time for refinishing. This is because a scratch can allow water to seep into the wood boards, causing damage.

Wood floors can also fade over time due to long-term exposure to direct sunlight. In this case, a refinish is required to restore the original color of your hardwood floors.


Wood floors are beautiful but can become wavy or warped over time. Typically, this is due to water damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be possible to save the floorboards by having them sanded down and refinished. However, if the boards are permanently warped due to significant flooding or extreme temperatures, it will likely be best to have them replaced.

Flooding, hidden leaks, high humidity, and high temperatures can cause hardwood floors to swell and shift their shapes. This can result in raised and unsightly groundwork as the boards push into each other, forming humped shapes. You will also notice gaps appearing between the floorboards. This is known as cupping. It can be less severe than crowning, which causes the edges of the floorboards to curve upwards, but it should still be fixed as soon as you notice.


Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home and can increase the resale value of your property. However, over time, they are susceptible to damage that requires refinishing. While some signs of damage are easy to overlook, others are more obvious and require immediate attention.

One of the most common types of damage to hardwood floors is water damage. This can include swelling of the planks, which causes them to push into one another, or cracking and buckling. This can lead to gaps between floorboards, allowing water in and causing further damage.

A simple way to determine whether your floors have been damaged by water is to perform a drop test. Place a small amount of water on the surface of your hardwood flooring and check if it soaks in immediately or rests on top.


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