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How Can Trust Be Gained Between the Business and Development?


A necessary part of any business relationship is trust, but it’s not always easy to develop when you don’t know someone very well and the stakes are high. If you’re the owner of a small business and you’re hiring an app development company to create your new app, you want to ensure that the developers are going to do their jobs well and that they’ll stick around if anything goes wrong. Here are a few ways to build trust between yourself and your developer so that you can start working together as effectively as possible. As with many relationships, trust and communication are the cornerstones of a good partnership between development and business management. Without these factors in place, no company can expect to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Here are so,e ways to build trust and ensure effective communication between developers and your business staff.

Communicate Openly and Frequently

Successful partnerships depend on open communication. It’s important to communicate your thoughts, plans, progress, frustrations and concerns in a timely manner so that problems can be addressed before they become bigger issues. 

Be Clear About Your Expectations 

It’s important to set realistic expectations with your developer so you’re both on the same page about what needs to happen next. It’s also a good idea to have a clear idea of how much time it will take for them to complete certain tasks–this way you’ll know when they should have been done by, if not sooner! If you’re not sure about anything just ask! Communication is key in any relationship, especially one that involves a lot of moving parts like building an app. It might seem scary at first, but the more you do it the easier it gets. When we found out we had to rebuild everything from scratch we were scared and felt a little bit abandoned because things were going so well up until then, but thankfully our developer didn’t give up on us or ignore us as we worked through things together. Sometimes disagreements come up where there is no right answer and this can lead to frustration; however taking some time apart to cool off before getting back together usually solves these kinds of problems. One last thing: being clear about what you want from the project makes life easier for everyone involved because there are no surprises later down the line!

Set Clear Expectations

Setting clear expectations is crucial for any relationship, but especially when it’s a partnership. When you’re starting out, write out exactly what each party’s responsibility will be in your agreement. For example: Company X will provide all necessary resources to develop the app. It’s also important to outline what happens if one party doesn’t uphold their end of the bargain. This way, both parties have a clear understanding of what they’re getting into before they commit. Once this initial conversation has happened, revisit the document periodically as things change. As an added bonus, keeping an updated document serves as a legal record that outlines who did what and how well they did it. The project didn’t go smoothly? You’ll have a timeline with specific tasks outlined so you know where to start looking for mistakes. The project went better than expected? Update the contract with the new accomplishments so everyone knows where they stand. In short, set clear expectations on day one and then regularly review them as needed throughout the course of your collaboration.

Provide Adequate Resources

Achieving rapport with a developer is crucial for them to gain your trust. You need to find someone who will work closely with you, has a proven track record in their field, and who can offer recommendations when needed. Do your research. Read reviews on LinkedIn, read their portfolio of work, ask friends and colleagues if they’ve worked with this person before. When you feel like you’re ready to hire them, set up an introductory call so they know what type of project they’ll be working on and get a sense of your expectations. They may also have some questions for you: What is the scope of work? What are the deadlines? How do you want it designed? Who else is involved in this project? Will there be other designers or developers? Does our team need to meet in person? Can I learn more about your company culture and goals while we work together? These conversations help build that trust necessary for developing a long-lasting relationship.

Be Respectful Of Each Other’s Time

It is important to work with a developer who respects your time. That way, they will not over-promise and under-deliver. In order to gain their respect, you should show them that you are also respectful of their time by avoiding long phone calls or meetings when it is unnecessary. For example, if they need to come into your office for a meeting, try not to have them waiting there too long before starting the meeting. This shows that you are respectful of their time just like they are showing that they are respectful of yours. Remember, do not jump from project to project without having a plan set in place. As one project ends, start another one; that way you can ensure all projects are going smoothly without any gaps in communication or effort put in. You should always know what the current stage of every project is so you can know what tasks need to be completed next.

Make Sure Everyone Is On The Same Page

There are many ways to gain trust. For example, you could make sure everyone is on the same page. This means that everyone involved in a project should have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, goals, and deadlines. Make sure you’re all on the same page so that everyone has an idea of what they need to do to make things work smoothly. In addition, you may want to include some ground rules or guidelines as well. You may want to designate who will make decisions if there is disagreement among team members or if someone does not complete their tasks in time for the next step of the process. 

You might also want to establish some common values for your team such as respect, honesty, and commitment. If people agree with these values from the beginning, then it will help them to feel more comfortable talking about other issues such as problems that arise during a project or disagreements over solutions or approaches. 

In general, remember that communication is key when it comes to building relationships between groups within your company as well as with clients.

Be Transparent

Transparency is key in any relationship, but it’s especially important when working with a developer. It’s easy for both parties to feel like they are being taken advantage of when one side doesn’t know what the other party is doing. We recommend that any potential client provides as much detail as possible to their developer so they know what they’re building, how they want it built, and what they need from them. This goes a long way towards fostering mutual understanding and respect – something that will help you create an app together more effectively.

Celebrate Successes Together

One of the best ways to foster trust is to celebrate successes together. When you share your wins with your team, they’ll feel more invested in what you’re doing. It also helps them see that their hard work pays off. Plus, it’s a morale booster for everyone involved! Find some way to reward good behavior or individual contributions by celebrating with food, drinks or games. In today’s office environment where so much has been compressed into digital channels, these moments are an essential part of creating camaraderie. 

In fact, when surveys have asked workers how they rate their level of happiness at work as a result of collaboration or teamwork on a project they’ve completed – responses are always significantly higher than when people answered the same questions individually or working independently on something. The feeling is priceless and results in very satisfied clients who will continue to come back again and again because employees have done such good job collaborating to meet their needs.

Bottom Line

Trust is a difficult thing to gain, but it’s also something that can be lost easily. It’s important for businesses to maintain a level of transparency with their developers to keep them on board. Be open about what you expect from them and what they should expect from you. Remember, communication is key in any relationship! Whether you’re talking with your significant other or your project team, clear and honest conversation will go a long way. You may not be able to please everyone all of the time, but if you find yourself feeling disappointed by another person’s response to your proposal – whether it was what you were expecting or not – ask yourself how you might have contributed to this situation. If there are ways in which you could have acted differently, then try again!

A lot has changed over the past decade when it comes to software development: not only are we using new languages and platforms (hello NodeJS!), but we’re now expected to deliver high quality products at an ever-increasing pace. In order for businesses and developers alike to thrive under these conditions, there needs to be greater levels of understanding so both sides know exactly where they stand at all times.


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