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How to Choose a Licensed Pharmacy for Your Prescription Needs


About six in 10 adults report taking at least one prescription medication. About 25% take four or more. If you’re taking multiple prescription meds, don’t waste time with trips to a local pharmacy.

Instead, use these tips to find a licensed pharmacy online. Finding an online pharmacy can save you time and money. However, you shouldn’t compromise your health for convenience.

Find a pharmacy you can trust with your health today. 

Talk to Your Doctor

To build a list of online pharmacies, first talk to your doctor. Your doctor can recommend pharmacies they already know and trust. They can also recommend resources that will help you save money.

During your appointment, ask your doctor if you need every medication you’re taking. Determine if there are any generic brands you can take instead. 

When reviewing each online pharmacy on your list, determine what medications they offer.

If they don’t provide the medication you need, or the generic your doctor suggested, keep searching. 

Consult Your Health Insurance

You can also build a list of options by checking in with your health insurance provider. Ask your insurer for their list of vetted online pharmacies. Health insurance companies vet these pharmacies before accepting them as suppliers.

You’ll have peace of mind choosing an online pharmacy your insurance company has vetted on your behalf.

It’s okay if you find pharmacies that weren’t improved by your insurer. It’s possible your insurance company and the pharmacy don’t do business with each other.

Check for Warning Signs

Before choosing an online drug store, make sure to do your due diligence. Review each option on your list. Remove any online pharmacy that:

  • Doesn’t require a prescription
  • Doesn’t have a licensed pharmacist on staff
  • Isn’t licensed
  • Offers deep discounts
  • Seems too good to be true

Look for online customer reviews to gather more information. Reading reviews will help you determine which pharmacies to trust or avoid.

For example, maybe the pharmacy sent medicine that looked different than what the customer usually buys. Maybe the packaging was broken, in a foreign language, or damaged. Perhaps it was expired or didn’t list an expiration date.

If you find reviews listing these complaints, consider it a red flag.

Avoid any pharmacies that don’t provide clear, written protections regarding your financial and personal information. Don’t risk choosing a pharmacy that might sell your information to other websites.

Make sure the pharmacy’s website has “HTTPS” before the domain name. These websites have SSL certificates. You can shop safely on these sites without fear they’ll steal your information. 

Provide a Prescription

Choose a pharmacy that requires customers to provide a doctor’s prescription. If the pharmacy allows you to request prescription drugs without one, consider it a red flag. The practice could be operating illegally.

These online businesses won’t have your best interests in mind.

Choosing a pharmacy that requires a prescription will ensure you receive the right medication. Otherwise, you could risk taking a medicine that compromises your health. If you’re not taking the right medication, your health could get worse. 

Always check for a product label before making a purchase. Review the list of ingredients to confirm you’re buying the right product. 

If the ingredients aren’t listed, consider it a red flag. 

Compare Prices

Before choosing a pharmacy, comparison shop.

Check the pricing of the same medication between three different online pharmacies. Consider the dosage and how many pills are in each bottle.

Look for pharmacies that are up-front about their pricing. If you struggle to find the prices, look at a different pharmacy. Instead, choose a pharmacy that prioritizes patients over profit. 

Determine if the pharmacy also offers wholesale options. Medications are cheaper when purchased in bulk. 

For ease and convenience, determine if the pharmacy also offers long-term prescriptions. You can set it and forget it to save valuable time. Some of these prescriptions are offered at a discount.

They might offer different discounts for quarterly or monthly purchases. 

Verify Legitimacy

Make sure each online pharmacy on your list is licensed and certified. 

Check the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website. They have a list of accredited online pharmacies you can choose from. These pharmacies are licensed to dispense and deliver prescription drugs.

Confirm that each pharmacy has a .Pharmacy certificate on its website. These pharmacies are also verified.

You can also verify a pharmacy’s legitimacy by looking for the LegitScript badge.

These pharmacies are legal, trustworthy, and legitimate. 

Determine how long the pharmacy has operated. A long-established business has improved operations over time. These companies are unlikely to disappear overnight. 

Make sure they also offer a range of medications. For example, you can discover where to buy clenpiq here. If the website doesn’t offer search functionality, you could struggle to find the medications you need.

Look for Customer Service

Before making a final decision, determine if the pharmacy offers customer service options. Even an online pharmacy should develop a relationship with customers. Choose a pharmacy that values customer feedback.

If you struggle to contact someone through the website, continue your search. Make sure the website offers an email, chat function, or phone number.

Determine if the pharmacy has any social media accounts with open messaging options. 

The more available the company is, the better!

Find a Licensed Pharmacy You Can Trust

Don’t rush when choosing an online pharmacy and buying prescription drugs. Instead, use these tips to find a legitimate, licensed pharmacy online. With these tips, you’ll have peace of mind before making your first purchase. 

Doing your due diligence will protect your health and best interests. 

Searching for more helpful tips? We’re here for you!

Check out our latest blog posts today for more helpful advice. 


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