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How to Drink Responsibly


Drinking is a massive part of the culture in the United States, with over 219 million people drinking alcohol at some point. Drinking alcohol in moderation isn’t bad, but trouble starts when moderation slips into alcohol addiction. One of the best ways to avoid alcohol abuse is learning how to drink responsibly and make better decisions.

Choosing to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after drinking is something you should never do, and learning to handle your alcohol consumption will keep you and those around you safe. You’ll decrease the odds of becoming addicted and battling substance abuse.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this helpful guide for some tips to learn to drink in moderation. Continue reading to drink in moderation and make wise choices today!

Know How Much You’re Drinking

One of the most effective ways to limit alcohol consumption and drink responsibly is to track the amount of alcohol you’ve had. Understanding the standard measurement for an alcoholic drink will help you find your limit. Some beverages, like Long Island Teas, have multiple drinks in one glass.

You may think you’ve had only one drink when you’ve had three or four. Tracking your drinking will help you make better decisions and know when to stop.

Understand Drink Strength

It’s also crucial to understand the strength of each drink you consume, especially if you have plans to go somewhere. Pay attention to how much liquor the bartender is pouring into your drinks to know how long you should wait to leave. Liquor drinks will be stronger than light beers, so consider that when submitting your drink order.

Eat Beforehand

Eating food before you enjoy an alcoholic beverage helps your body absorb the alcohol in each drink, making the effects of alcohol less intense. Ensure you’re eating a full meal before drinking to have more control over your mind and actions.

If you notice you’re drinking on an empty stomach, you could need help from a recovery center to get back on track. Consider rehab for alcohol abuse to get help from kind and compassionate professionals.

Avoid Drinking Games

Drinking games are one of the easiest ways to slide down the slippery slope into alcohol addiction. These games are fun and bring people together, but they encourage rapid consumption of alcohol. The body will struggle to keep up with your alcohol intake.

Drinking a rapid succession of shots will put your body behind when absorbing alcohol. Don’t do shots; take it slow with drinking games to maintain your health and decision-making skills.

Learn to Drink Responsibly Today

Taking steps to drink responsibly is vital for your health and the safety of others, and it starts with understanding how much you’re drinking. Monitor the amount of liquor a bartender puts in your mixed drink, and avoid playing drinking games and doing shots. Eat beforehand, and understand the strength of the alcoholic beverages you’re consuming.

Making good decisions when consuming alcohol is crucial for short- and long-term health. Read more of our Health blog articles for valuable tips to get more from your body and mind today!


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