EducationHow to Pivot Careers: 5 Effective Tips

How to Pivot Careers: 5 Effective Tips


Did you know that 65% of employees are on the hunt for a new job? If you’re one of them, you may be concerned about what it takes to make a career transition. Fortunately, there are some proven strategies that can make the change a smoother experience. 

Read on to learn about five effective tips that will help you pivot careers!

1. Know What Motivates the Change

Before going through the process of changing careers, be sure you want to do it. After all, you may need to pursue additional training or education. And if you are the sole income or a major contributor to your family’s finances, you want to be prepared.

You might be burned out from long hours. Or you might need more flexibility if you have young children. Look over your budget, including recurring and upcoming expenses, and talk with your loved ones to get their support. 

2. Determine Your Next Move

What type of career change are you seeking? Are you eager to move from higher education to analytics? Do you want to move into finance or open your own consulting firm?

Make sure you have a clear target  or at least some ideas in mind  before leaving an existing job. Choosing a career path can take time, so invest in reading and researching potential pivots. 

3. Update Your Resume and Online Profile

Finding a job isn’t easy. But it will be easier if you have a polished resume. Start revamping your resume to highlight relevant skills for the type of job you’re seeking.

In addition, establish an online profile on jobseeking platforms. Spotlight your work history and include contact information and references. Knowing how to find a job means presenting a professional presence that will help you emerge from the pack. 

4. Learn What Skills You Need

Figure out what you’ll need to know when changing careers to a different field. Consider doing informational interviews with individuals in industries and companies that appeal to you. And look into online certificate courses that can boost your image with prospective employers. 

For instance, if you are a logistician, you may need additional credentialing to move up within the field. Click here for LPD training that can make a difference.

5. Start Applying

Finally, commit to applying to jobs! Start drafting cover letters tailored to each position. Get a trusted friend to edit them so you are making the most persuasive pitch possible.

Set daily or weekly application goals to keep the momentum going. Understand that it may take time to earn interviews and offers. If you’re not seeing movement after a set number of applications, enlist a career coach for help. 

Learn How to Pivot Careers

When you feel compelled to pivot careers, spend time clarifying your goals and determining your next move. Earn the credentials or learn the skills necessary to make yourself a viable candidate. And start sending out applications so you can find a job that makes you fulfilled. 

Find more tips to make your next career change. Check back soon for fresh and informative articles!


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