How ToHow to Spot Substance Abuse in the Workplace

How to Spot Substance Abuse in the Workplace


How can you know if someone is having problems with substance abuse?

Knowing how to spot workplace addiction can help keep your employees and workplace safe. You may perceive that your coworkers are using drugs in their workplace, and you’re worried it will affect the business.

Here are some guidelines to follow in identifying drug use at business premises. Please keep reading for our essential guide on how to spot substance abuse in the workplace.

Decline in Personal Grooming

When this trait starts to get worse, it could be a sign that someone has a problem with drugs or alcohol addiction. If you notice a change in how your coworkers look after themselves, this could be a sign that they are using drugs.

The most common signs are a dirty or messy look, a foul body odor, and untidy hair. Let’s say a behavior change is out of character or a big drop in performance. In that case, it could mean that a coworker is having trouble with drug addiction.

It must be aware of changes and help people with problems bring to a premier treatment center with a specialized program.

Physical Signs

Some common physical signs are looking tired or confused, sleeping too much or not enough, having strange hygiene, and changes in appetite or weight. On the job, visible signs of drug abuse may include slurred speech, clumsiness, trouble finishing tasks, slower reaction time, less coordination, and poor decision-making skills.

Other things to watch out for are coming to work late or leaving early often, taking many breaks, looking drunk, or having quick shifts in attitude or mood. In the end, physical signs may be the most common way to determine if someone is using drugs, but it’s important to remember that they can’t prove anything.

Frequent Accidents or Near-Misses

Employees who have problems with drinking or drugs tend to have slower reflexes and worse motor skills. This makes them more likely to have accidents or get hurt. They may also have poor balance and act clumsier than usual, which makes them more likely to get injured.

Also, workers who are drunk or high may have trouble remembering things, which could lead to accidents at work. Management and coworkers should be aware of any sudden or consistent changes in an employee’s conduct causing drug use, such as mood swings or missing work.

Excessive Borrowing of Money

When someone takes money from coworkers or bosses a lot, it could mean that they can’t or won’t pay for basic needs or that their money is being used to pay for drugs or other illegal activities.

If you see someone at work borrowing money a lot, it could be a sign that they have a more significant problem with drugs that you must deal with.

Signs of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Substance abuse is a severe issue in the workplace that you should not ignore. Employers should ensure their workers are healthy and productive by giving them regular drug tests and putting in place programs focusing on workplace safety and wellness.

Employers should try to solve the problem if they see strange behavior. Together, we can get help and make sure the workplace is safe and effective.

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