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How To Turn On Police Sirens in GTA 5 Xbox?


A lot of people are familiar with the fake sirens that can be turned on in real life cars, and even some police cars have this feature built-in, but what about in video games? Some video games allow you to turn on police lights, but not sirens; other video games allow you to turn on sirens, but only in the multiplayer mode; and still others don’t allow you to turn on either of these features at all.

How to turn on police sirens in gta 5 Xbox?

  • Start up Grand Theft Auto V and head over to your nearest vehicle. 
  • Press up on the D-pad until you find the Vehicle option, then press Triangle or X to toggle the different vehicles that are available for use. 
  • When you find a car labeled as a Police Car, press Square or R2 to enter it and start driving around Los Santos as a peacekeeper of sorts. 
  • Now that you’re driving around, look for people who might be breaking the law and getting away with it because they don’t see any other officer present. When you see one or two offenders, pull out your gun (hold L1 or LB) and shoot their tires so they can’t get away easily. Remember not to do this when civilians are nearby! You want these criminals to know that there’s no escape! Once the criminal has been subdued, walk over to them with your weapon still drawn (pressing L1 or LB) and tell them exactly what’s going on by using phrases like hands up! or freeze! . If you hear gunfire from somewhere else in the city, go towards it immediately – it could just be another officer needing backup!

How to change the sound of the police siren in gta 5?

The following steps will show you how to change the sound of the police siren in GTA V for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. 

  • Open the radio wheel by holding down X or Square on your controller 
  • Select Police 
  • Select SWAT 
  • Hold down LB (L1 on PS4), then press up twice to select siren, left three times to select horn, then right once more 
  • Turn off the siren by pressing R3 (Right bumper). You can now use the horn just like a normal car. You’ll hear a different sound as well. 
  • To return to the default settings, simply follow step one but with no input. 
  • For even more customization options, open up settings from the pause menu and navigate to Audio Settings > Vehicle volume > Other

How to make your own police siren sound in gta 5

This is a tutorial on how to make your own police siren sound in GTA5.

  • Open up the game (GTA5) and go into a cop car. 
  • Look at the dashboard, there should be some kind of computer terminal thing. 
  • Type in siren-x into that terminal and hit enter. 
  • You should hear a sound, hit it again and you will hear another one. Keep doing this until you find a good one. Now type siren+enter to start using the sound effect or choose exit if you want to find another sound later on. Congratulations! You can now scare people with your awesome custom made police siren! Just remember to save before exiting out of the game so you don’t lose all your work. There are a lot of different sounds you can use for the perfect police siren! To explore more sounds, just keep typing different words into the text box. The first time you try each new word it’ll give you an idea of what it sounds like but after that you need to push enter on your keyboard to hear what the actual word would sound like. 

If none of these sound interesting then click exit and come back when you think of something better. And if none of these satisfy your needs then feel free to come back tomorrow for our next video where we show everyone how to create their own police siren from scratch!

How to use a custom police siren sound in gta 5

  • Find your modded file named police-siren.mp3 and put it in the following directory: Rockstar Games\GTA V\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\audio\sfx_ui.rpf\-vehicle_siren_large
  • Open the audio file with a program like Audacity or Sound Forge (I recommend Audacity) and save it as an mp3 with a new name that includes the word police. I recommend PoliceSiren.mp3 or something similar for simplicity sake, but feel free to rename it whatever you want! 
  • Put this newly renamed sound into the folder mentioned in step one
  • Replace old files with new ones and make sure all files are saved to replace previous versions, not create any more folders or anything else 
  • The next time you play GTA 5, when you press ‘Y’ to toggle your lights/sound effects on your vehicle’s radio, use a custom siren sound instead of the default one! You can also try different car sounds by swapping out the Police part of your .MP3 file with Ambulance, Firetruck, or Taxi. Have fun, and stay tuned for more helpful tips from me soon!


This is the tutorial that will teach you how to activate the Police Sirens. This can be done on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V. It’s not available for PS3 or PS4 players. For this, you’ll need a PC or Laptop with Windows 8 64-bit (PC) or Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (Laptop).

In order for this work, you’ll need to download these programs: ScripthookV by Alexander Blade & NativeUI by Guadix2010 

If you have those downloaded, now open up ScripthookV and then NativeUI separately. Open up GTA V through ScripthookV and click into NativeUI as well. On the left side of NativeUI, there are two windows – one called Native and another one called ScriptHook. Underneath ScriptHook there should be two empty tabs labeled Scripts and AutoHotkey scripts. Click on Scripts and then drag over the ASI file that corresponds with your GTA game type (either asi64_gtav_dx11 or asi32_gtav_dx11) onto this tab. After doing so, go back to GTA V through ScripthookV again. When you get back, check if it worked because there will be a Script activated notification at the bottom of NativeUI. Now we’re going to do the same thing but using AutoHotkey scripts instead.


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