TravelIs Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It?


If you love Disney and spending time with your family, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) may be the right option for you.

You’ll get the opportunity to stay at your choice of different vacation homes located around the world. You’ll be close to the best entertainment Disney has to offer while enjoying privacy and luxury.

This membership program attracts millions of members, but is Disney Vacation Club worth the price tag?

If you’re inclined to answer the question – “Is Disney vacation club worth it?” Here’s what you should know. Read on!

What Is Disney Vacation Club

DVC caters to Disney fans who want to stay at Disney-owned properties and enjoy all the benefits associated with having access to such resorts. The cost of membership varies depending on the length of commitment, type of plan, and benefits offered. Whether or not DVC is worth it depends on personal preference and travel goals.

If your primary goal is to visit Disney-owned resorts on a regular basis, then DVC may be worth the cost. DVC members have access to special events, exclusive discounts, and promotions. Deciding whether or not DVC is worth it depends on individual needs and the value you place upon your Disney vacation.

Benefits of Disney Vacation Club Membership

With DVC, one family can join and get access to discounted stays at Disney resorts, discounts on trips to Disney parks, discounts on dining, and exclusive discounts and offers that are sometimes available only to DVC members. These exclusive offers are sometimes transferable to other family members, allowing multiple families to vacation together. 

Here are the benefits of having a DVC membership. 

Larger Rooms

Family suites that become possible with a Disney Vacation Club membership can be up to three times the size of a traditional hotel room. It allows for larger parties to stay together in one room comfortably.

Many of the family suites come with additional features. It could include patios, full kitchens, and more. It gives the home-like feel of a Disney Vacation Club member’s own vacation space away from home.

It also gives families access to different amenities. This includes unlimited access to specific Disney restaurants and private lounge areas available only to members. With fewer people crammed into one room and spacious amenities, Disney Vacation Club Members have more space to enjoy their Disney vacation experience.

Guaranteed Vacations

You can enjoy exclusive perks such as discounted rates and early access to Disney theme park reservations. You also get flexible points for use at Disney destinations. It rewards you with special discounts and offers at Disney locations and special Early Check-In services.

With added benefits such as savings on dining, shopping, recreation, and more, you can get the most out of your vacation. Disney Vacation Club Membership also lets you discover new places, allowing you to explore new cultures through their Disney Collection of Vacation Homes located in some of the world’s most sought-after destinations. 

Special Offers

When you join Disney vacation club, you can save on accommodation, tickets, and exclusive experiences. It includes access to theme park events, character dining, and more. Disney Vacation Club points also provide access to dining, recreation, and adventures beyond the Walt Disney World Resort. You can also experience other Disney Vacation Club Resorts in the US, and across the globe.

Special offers also include exclusive merchandise like lanyards or t-shirts. You can also get complimentary photos or personalized passes to an event or attraction. Members get exclusive access to all experiences and discounts as soon as they enroll. 

Free Laundry Service

When you join the club, you can take advantage of a free laundry service while you are at Walt Disney World. This can help make your vacation more enjoyable since you won’t have to worry about sorting and washing clothes while trying to make the most of your trip.

You can get your clothing washed and dried and even get it pressed, all for free with the membership. The club offers an amazing variety of discounts on other services and attractions that you can take advantage of during your stay. 

How Much Does Disney Vacation Club Cost

The Disney Vacation Club is a points-based program that allows you to purchase a set amount of points to stay in a Disney resort. So the cost of the Disney Vacation Club will depend on how many points you purchase and the resort you are staying in.

So is it worth it? It really depends on how often you plan on visiting Disney. If it’s just a one-time thing, then it may not be worth the investment. But if you are a more frequent visitor, the Disney Vacation Club can provide great discounts and convenience. The cost may be high initially, but the long-term savings and benefits can make it worth it.

Disney Vacation Club Point System

The DVC Points System allows members to purchase “points,” which can then be used to reserve rooms and activities at Disney resorts. The points system is very flexible, allowing members to use their points as they wish. If you want to know more, just click here to get more information on how the point system works. 

The points system also offers affordable packages for members, with some discounts available depending on when and where the trips are. While the DVC Points System is not the cheapest vacation option, it is certainly worth considering for frequent visitors of Disney resorts.

The ability to customize vacations and discounts are great advantages that are sure to make the vacation experience even more enjoyable.

Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It? Is It Right for You?

Disney Vacation Club definitely has its benefits. With excellent customer service and a variety of destination options, it is a great choice for people looking for a way to save money on their Disney vacations. Plus, members enjoy exclusive discounts and special events.

Asking the question – Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It? With all these Disney Vacation Club benefits, trying out Disney Vacation Club for yourself is definitely worth it! 

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