OthersMix Things Up! Tips for Beautifully Mixing Appliance Colors...

Mix Things Up! Tips for Beautifully Mixing Appliance Colors in Your Kitchen


Has anyone ever referred to “Millennial Gray” when touring your home for the first time?

A small stereotype has turned into a reality in many people’s homes. A lack of color, or the wrong colors, can induce negative feelings and impact your mood. If you want to brighten things up, the kitchen is a perfect place to start.  

Whether you rent or own, you can add character by mixing appliance colors and elevating the kitchen! 

Select Your Base

One of the most important tips for mixing appliance colors in the kitchen is to select a base color. 

Even colorful appliances use black, white, and silver in their designs. Once you start getting one color, try to remain with the same base so the colors don’t clash. 

When it comes to kitchen appliance colors, you can use a wide variety, however, don’t get different shades of your base colors. For example, mixing two different shades of black, white, or brown can make your kitchen look tacky. 

Pick a Color Scheme 

Too many colors can become distracting in the kitchen and increase your risk of misplacing an item. 

Before you start following kitchen appliance trends, you need to know your color scheme. Getting various shades of the same color can add depth to your kitchen. You can have unique appliances that are cohesive and complement each other. 

Looking at various appliances can help you select your desired color scheme. Pay attention to how the colors will look with the rest of your decor.

Go Bold or Add a Subtle Touch

Kitchen decoration trends are often bold and many people want to add their touch to the style.

Whether you want to make a bold statement with bright colors or add soft hues, color can enhance your kitchen design. Pastels and neutral colors are trending in interior design, they are easy to mix and match and they also pair well with base colors. 

If you want your kitchen to feel vibrant, exotic, and playful, don’t shy away from primary colors. Red, yellow, and blue appliances will stand out on your countertops and make a bold statement. 

Consider Your Intended Results 

Ambiance and aesthetics are trending in the interior design world. 

People are upgrading their homes to create a more comfortable and healthy environment. You can create a vibrant and refreshing kitchen with bright colors like yellow and orange. Blues and greens can create a calming effect, look to nature to find the best inspiration. 

Before you start investing in high-quality appliances, make sure they won’t clash with your desired results. 

Buy from Separate Collections

Homeowners often select kitchen appliance colors based on the ones that are already installed.

Instead of going with the predictable black and white, you can find beautiful shades of colors that will make your kitchen unique. Each year, big brands release kitchen appliances for the upcoming season and they aren’t like the last. 

Items from different collections can help change things up without straying from your favorite brand. For reliable products, Express Appliance Outlet in Nampa is recommended. 

Start Mixing Appliance Colors Like a Pro 

Many people are afraid of mixing appliance colors because they don’t want their kitchen to look tacky. 

Kitchen appliance trends have evolved, and many people are learning to appreciate having more color in the home. If you want to transform your kitchen without pulling out the paint, upgrading your appliances is the simplest way. These tips can prevent you from overlooking factors that impact your decision. 

Take a look at our page for more home interior content that will improve your well-being! 


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