BusinessSecure Your Information With Professional Shredding Services

Secure Your Information With Professional Shredding Services


When files and documents are no longer needed, keeping them around exposes your business to security risks. With professional shredding services, it’s easy to safeguard your information. When choosing a shredding company, look for longevity and accreditations. This will indicate their commitment to following strict security protocols. They should also offer a Certificate of Destruction.

It’s a Legal Requirement

Businesses with sensitive information about their valued customers and clients must protect this data from unauthorized access. A company exposed to bad publicity after a significant data breach due to inadequate information management will lose its reputation and business. Shredding ensures that the confidential information in your files is never stolen and used by another company for profit. Professional shredding services Fort Collins follow a strict chain of custody guidelines to protect your sensitive information, and they can even provide you with a Certificate of Destruction after every service. This is proof that the documents have been destroyed and helps you comply with privacy standards set by Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, and FACTA.

It’s Efficient

Many companies and organizations generate massive amounts of sensitive information and paper documents that need to be securely destroyed at the end of their lifecycle. Failing to dispose of this information properly can leave businesses vulnerable to damaging breaches and fines for non-compliance. Hiring shredding services is an all-in-one solution for companies to destroy confidential information while improving workflow efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Incomplete or inadequately shredded papers provide a goldmine for criminals looking to steal identities and commit fraud, corporate espionage, or other malicious activities. Professional purge shredding services ensure that all documents are destroyed before they are disposed of. For businesses weighing their options for in-house or offsite shredding, a mobile shredding service is a great option that can help them save on the upfront costs of purchasing and installing in-house shredders. Plus, it eliminates the need for businesses to reserve office space to store the industrial shredders and the bales of shredded paper they produce.

It’s Convenient

If you’re looking for a convenient way to dispose of sensitive information that includes documents with personal, private, or confidential data, a paper shredding service is the way to go. Many of these services are staffed with highly trained professionals who understand how to keep information secure up until the moment it is destroyed. Whether your company chooses to have onsite signs or collect the documents in secure bins and take them to a plant for destruction, these companies can handle large volumes of paper quickly and efficiently. They can even recycle the shredded material for you, reducing your waste footprint. Document shredding helps you protect your company from identity theft and corporate espionage. It also frees up space that would otherwise be taken up by storing hard copies of hard copy records. Besides, the cost of hiring a professional shredding company is far less than the expense of buying and maintaining your industrial shredder.

It’s Affordable

When you have a professional shredding service take care of your documents, they can keep them secure from prying eyes until it’s time to dispose of them. This helps reduce the risks of identity theft from sensitive information falling into the wrong hands — and enables you to avoid the costly fines associated with failing to follow information security protocols. Most identity theft and fraud are tied back to paper records — things like stolen wallets and checks, fraudulent change of address notices, or even information picked up off the curb from trash bins. Keeping paper records securely destroyed prevents identity thieves from accessing your data. It is essential to choose a trusted document destruction company with an impeccable track record and certification for onsite and offsite paper shredding. This ensures that all the chain of custody protocols are followed correctly, from locked, tamper-proof consoles to pick-up and secure transport to final destruction.


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