HealthSigns of Scoliosis in Children

Signs of Scoliosis in Children


When your child starts exhibiting signs of physical abnormalities, you naturally worry. Most of the time, these spine issues are temporary, environmental, or normal growth spurts. Some might affect the way they walk or play.

Sometimes, though, these signs represent a more serious underlying issue. If you notice several signs of scoliosis in children, you should consider finding a healthcare professional to complete a diagnosis. Early diagnosis and scoliosis treatment are imperative for a full recovery.

However, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the signs of scoliosis to watch for. Read this article to learn about the signs of scoliosis you should know.

Uneven Body Type

An uneven body type often accompanies scoliosis in children. A profile view may show a low shoulder, waist level, rib cage, or hip that is higher than the other side of the body. One shoulder blade may be more visible than the other, and the shoulder may appear “squared” with a raised angle.

Diagnosis requires examination by a doctor, but visible signs of a misshapen body are essential for parents to recognize. If you are concerned that your child may exhibit any of these signs, please contact this pediatric chiropractor.

Twisted Rib Cage

Many children with scoliosis will have a twisted rib cage due to the curved shape of the spine. Parents should pay close attention to whether or not their child’s sides look uneven in height and contour. A rib hump may be present when one of the sides appears higher than the other when the child is viewed from the back.

Asymmetrical shoulder blades or an overall tilted position can also indicate scoliosis. Other symptoms of scoliosis include pain or stiffness in the back, uneven waist, and difficulty performing physical activities. Contacting a doctor immediately if any of these signs are present is important.

Change in Balance

Children with scoliosis may show a change in balance. This could include signs such as a child walking with their body tipped to one side or walking with their shoulders uneven. Additionally, the child may often lose balance while standing or walking and prefer to keep one hand on a wall, chair, or railing.

Scoliosis can also cause a difference in leg length, so the child may limp or complain of pain in one leg or hip. The difference in leg length may cause a child to be uncoordinated while running or doing activities that involve balance.

Identify Common Signs of Scoliosis in Children

Scoliosis in children is often hard to detect. Signs of scoliosis can include uneven shoulders and hips, an uneven waist, and an uneven rib cage. Parents need to be aware of the signs of scoliosis to ensure their children can get help as early as possible.

If you think your child has scoliosis, it’s best to contact a medical professional for a diagnosis and get the best treatment options.

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