OthersStrategies for Succeeding in Golf Schools

Strategies for Succeeding in Golf Schools


Typically, golf recruits begin reaching out to college coaches in the second half of sophomore year. Some recruits, especially those interested in the top division schools, may continue recruiting into senior year.

Men’s golf coaches focus on evaluating prospects in person and also assess information like tournament results, online profiles, and swing videos when they cannot see an option in action.

Know Yourself

The key to success in golf (and life) is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if your fault is fire-building, you might want to find ways to strengthen this skill to survive when you’re lost in the wilderness. Similarly, when playing golf, it’s essential to know what shots inhibit your ability to score and focus on strengthening those skills in practice.

High school golf teams are often composed of players with varying skill levels, making running a successful practice difficult for coaches. However, if coaches take the time to get to know their students and understand their individual goals for the season, they can create an environment where every student-athlete can improve their game. Additionally, suppose student-athletes are proactive in their recruiting journey by researching schools, building a list of realistic college choices, creating an online profile and swing video, and getting tournament exposure. In that case, they can ultimately find a competitive golf program that satisfies their academic needs and personal preferences.

Know Your Team

Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses is critical to success. Each person brings a unique educational background, experiences, and beliefs. Strengths are skills that come quickly to a person and allow them to shine in an activity, while weaknesses are those that slow down performance. Encouraging teammates to be open and honest with each other is essential. It will lead to better communication and build trust.

College coaches for men’s golf programs often call a recruit’s private coach and swing coach better to understand their talent, leadership qualities, and attitude. This helps them determine if the golf recruit will fit their program well.

During recruitment, college coaches also consider a student-athlete’s academic achievements. They tend to favor golfers who excel in the classroom. This will ensure an easier transition to college and may help a recruit qualify for more athletic funding. This is especially true for Division 1 and top Division 2 colleges.

Know Your Course

At the beginning of your golf school experience at Bird Golf Vermont, your instructor will take a detailed assessment of your game and physical limitations. This information will help them devise a plan for you to reach your goals at the school.

Teaching philosophies differ from school to school. Some focus on the fundamentals of grip, stance, and posture. Others will have you hitting many blister-inducing balls to teach the laws of impact (bring extra Band-Aids). Make sure your school has a philosophy that fits you.

While at the golf school, continue playing in tournaments to build your resume and develop a competitive edge. You should start sending your resume and summer tournament schedule to college coaches.

Know Your Coach

Getting the most out of golf school requires a solid plan. A good golf school will provide a 4 to 1 Instructor ratio and group Golfers of similar skill levels. Golfers attending low-cost schools often see slight improvement during their stay, and their swings worsen once they get home. This happens because less talented Instructors are trained to only look at the “effects” of a bad swing rather than looking at the root “causes.”

Once golf coaches compile lists of top prospects, they begin in-depth evaluations. They analyze average golf scores, tournament experience, and national rankings. They may also review online profiles and swing videos.


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