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What Not to Do With Your Infographics


Imagine for a moment that you’re about to publish an infographic on your website. This infographic is going to represent you effectively and visually — a way that will attract visitors and readers on a massive level.

If you are looking to boost your business with infographics, it is important you know what not to do. Failure to follow key best practices can render bad infographics.

We have rounded up the most common mistakes to help you grow with infographics. Let’s have a look.

Overcrowding with Information

Trying to fit too much into your infographics can be overwhelming to your audience, and they may not be able to take in all the information you want to pass on. This can diminish the effectiveness of your hard work.

To avoid overcrowding your infographics, make sure to have your key points well selected and ensure that the data is represented understandably. Stick to the rule of having only one main point per infographic, and that your design is simple and elegant. Ensure to use an interactive call-to-action (CTA) for shareable content.

Neglecting Visual Hierarchy

Neglecting visual hierarchy when creating infographics is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Visual hierarchy is the process of using various design elements, like the best colors for marketing, font size, shape, and positioning, to draw the viewer’s eye to the most important part especially when learning how-to make infographics for free.

When these elements are ignored, or used inconsistently, the eye may not be drawn to the most important information. The viewer’s attention will be spread across all areas of the display, resulting in an unorganized, hard-to-read infographic. Make sure that each design element is used cohesively and intentionally so that the organization and readability of the entire display are easily understood.

Ignoring Data Accuracy and Sources

When creating infographics, accuracy, and sources should never be overlooked or ignored. Not only is it important to include accurate and reliable data, but it is equally important to label the data sources used.

Ignoring accuracy and data sources is careless and will cause readers to lose trust in your message. Not being truthful can lead to readers rejecting the information. Go the extra mile to make sure all the data is accurate and the sources used are clearly labeled.

Lack of accuracy and sources makes it difficult to evaluate the information provided. Take the time to ensure accuracy and list clear sources to make sure you provide legitimate and reliable information.

Avoid Bad Infographics Today

It’s important to be aware of the mistakes that can make an infographic ineffective. When creating cool infographics, always strive for clarity, accuracy, and visual appeal.

A good design is worth a thousand words, but bad infographics might not even be worth the one used to describe it. Avoid bad infographics now. 

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