HealthWhy Many Love Motion Massage

Why Many Love Motion Massage


Massage is a powerful therapy that addresses the root cause of pain rather than simply alleviating symptoms. It is a safe, effective, and natural way to help prevent pain and illness, and can increase energy levels and improve overall function.

It’s a Healthy Option

Massage is a great addition to any wellness program. For instance, motion massage promotes muscle relaxation, which lengthens them. The resulting flexibility reduces the risk of injuries caused by shortened muscles that are tight and tense. This is especially important for those who have physically active lifestyles. Tight muscles that are not relaxed can lead to strains, pulls, and tears if they sustain an injury. Massage can help prevent these injuries by ensuring that your muscles are relaxed and flexible. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who works at a desk, incorporating massage into your routine can benefit your health in many ways. 

It’s a Relaxing Experience

Massage can help ease the discomfort of many types of physical pain. Whether you’re experiencing back pain from menstrual cramps, neck pain from a bad workout, or arm and shoulder pain from lifting weights, a professional massage can help loosen those tight muscles.

In addition to working out those kinks, massage can be a relaxing experience for the client. The combination of soothing music, a comfortable table, and a skilled therapist can make your body feel better than it did before your massage session began. Getting regular massages can even reduce the risk of osteoporosis, as it can strengthen bones and improve muscle health. For this reason, clients with osteoporosis should try to get a massage as often as possible. Massage can also encourage flexibility and improve sports performance.

It’s a Great Way to De-Stress

A study by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging found that massage reduces cytokines, which are chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. It also promotes the production of mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses in your cells that convert glucose to energy for cell repair and muscle function.

Athletes often experience much stress due to rigorous training schedules and can benefit from incorporating massage into their wellness plan. Massage increases the range of motion and eases tense muscles, which can improve flexibility and athletic performance. It also helps decrease the time it takes for muscles to heal after injuries and enables athletes to return to their sport sooner.

It’s a Great Gift

If you’re buying a gift for someone, whether a friend, a colleague, or a loved one, a massage is always an excellent choice. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and it shows them you care about their health and wellbeing. Some people lead very stressful lives – a busy career, raising children, long commutes, etc. Massage lowers cortisol levels, boosts the feel-good hormone oxytocin, and helps to iron out knots in the muscles, helping to alleviate stress and pain.


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